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Every day we get the question, "What exactly do you do?" Therefore, we decided to invite those who are genuinely interested to create clarity.
No matter your background... as long as you are willing to go for it, anything is possible. In this blog, you will get to know Cainan better, on a personal level.
Athena, seller of the month for January, shows that success does not have to take years. You just have to be willing to go all the way.
This week, ACID (Nathan Vandergunst) mocked video clips and quotes from Gilles Ryde. So that's the power of personal branding.
Competition not just a game; it is a lifestyle that paves the way for triumphs. Cainan is living proof that the competitive spirit is the key to unprecedented success.
Cainan's focus is on building customer trust. He highlights the impact of GRS in his growth, but in particular the valuable communication training and guidance provided by Gilles.
At GR Solutions, we celebrate another outstanding achievement with our Vendor of the Month, and this time the spotlight shines on Kaltrina.
With a turnover of €163,251.75, Mathias carries the title "Vendor of the Month" in September!
The path from a beginner to an expert in sales is an exciting one with many twists and challenges
A first impression is vital, especially in the world of sales. But how does a salesperson actually dress and does it really affect sales results?
With sales of €172,132.01, Nikola carries the title "Vendor of the Month" in August!
As experts in sales training and success, we are happy to share our top five sales tips from GR Solutions
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